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Why You Should Never Invest Your Money In Keke Business Okada Business: My Experience So Far

this your rebuttal post is not so on point. The other post mentioned an average of 80k per month after expenses like fueling, feeding and repairs and that one needs to acquire a sound machine to do well in the business. There are still many successful keke drivers out there. Every life endeavor has its ups and downs. For the provisions business, there is not much profit in it especially if the location is not a busy area. One sells with a profit margin between 1 and 10 Naira, you will still have to deal with thieves from time to time. If the shop is located in a rodent infested environment, sorry will be your name. One needs a lot of discipline to operate a provisions business otherwise you end up feeding your family with your wares.

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"HE Peter Gregory Obi Will Be President Of Nigeria Once The Court Process Is Finalized" - Dr

"HE Peter Gregory Obi will be president of Nigeria once the court process is finalized" - Dr. Yunusa Tanko Spokesperson Labour Party...

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Yummy Banana Bread Infused With Chocolate Chips And Rasins😋available

Yummy banana bread infused with chocolate chips and rasins😋available Just 800only for three slices Send a Dm to order 📍 Abuja...

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🚨Spotify Gains, 29th MAR🚨

🚨Spotify gains, 29th MAR🚨 @wizkidayo More love less ego (4 months old) Spotify gains (+ 392,342 ) X 3.5: 1,373,197 Rolling Ston...

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Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

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