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Why Burna no go de succeed? People need to understand the spiritual importance of motherly backing a child gets, especially as it pertains to the child's talent. When I tell mothers for dis Lagos to always de use Positive words on their children, e go be like sey I no know wetin I de talk. If you watch this woman closely and observe Burna carefully, u go notice sey Burna be like person wey stubborn when he small. However, the mum's exposure and education made her see very bright side of her son. From very tender age, she must have been professing goodness on her son, repeatedly praying for him. Now the result is there for the world to judge of God's goodness and grace coupled with the positive power of the tongue which she uses well in different languages. May God bless her an the son Burna. I love positive vibes...

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" Ehen" 😂😂. His Mom has got his back 24/7, you'd hardly harm or dest....Roy him. The kind of Mom I love.😍 God bless you ma.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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What has his HIV status got to do with your sister's death? Why are you telling us all these, including the shooting you said he did? Why did you conceal it till now, knowing that such concealment is a criminal offense? You are being childish in your approach/response. Sorry, this won't attract any sympathy.

Now I can understand why the guy was talking to your mother the way he did, you guys are in responsible, Are you not surpose to be fighting for your sisters course of death. And you're there blabbing and talking nonsense. That's why the guy see your family finish,

So what do we do with this information now? Is being HIV now a crime? If he was the person who committed the club shooting crime that Burna boy was accused of, why didn't he speak up then? Why now? You see this Bimbo's family, ehn. They have issues. Bimbo had issues, IVD has issues. All of them are mad.

A lot of things happen behind mission walls. You will dream of being like them when they drive out with Dia flashy cars. I can't even stay in this family...too messy and dysfunctional.

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LOL Odieqwu. This one pass me

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Is he upgrading or downgrading?? What do men really want??

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Fela is a legend and the GOAT of Nigerian music and Burnaboy is only learning from the best of all time.

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