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Peter Obi is not running a campaign. He is leading a movement.

Let me tell you the difference in case you don't know.

1. Campaigns end as soon as the results of elections are announced. Movements continue after that.

2. Politicians drive campaigns while people drive movements.

4. Campaigns are driven by interest while convictions drive movements

4. In Campaigns, people follow a politician selfishly because they believe they will win, but in movements, the people follow selflessly because they believe the people will win.

5. In campaigns, people follow a person, while in a movement, people follow an ideology.

6. In campaigns, politicians tell the people what they will do, but in a movement, the people know what the person they are following will do.

7. In a campaign, people who cast their vote believe they are doing a politician a favor, but in a movement, they know they are doing themselves a favor.

8. Politicians build structures in a campaign, but in a movement, the people make the structure; in fact, everyone is a structure.

9. In campaigns, we rely on politicians to convince us to get involved, we have people with apathy, but in a movement, people find motivation from within. Everyone is bold.

10. Campaigns come with a plan from day one, but Movements don't. They are spontaneous. They build momentum that becomes the plan.

11. Campaigns are like T.V advertisements politicians pay to get people in, but a movement is like a premiership match. The people pay to get in at their expense.

12. In a campaign, people who oppose you or make a caricature of your campaign are usually confident, but in a movement, people who oppose you or make a caricature of the movement are scared of it.



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Baba has lost his sanity. At any point did Ohaneze Ndigbo come out to endorsed Peter Obi. It as disgraceful on the Yorubas as tribe for baba at his age to personalized issues of National interest. Afenifere of recent has lost it bearing with some youth referring to it as afenifebi. Politics in this country should not be toll on ethinic and religion divide. Baba should have hold his peace and allow the course of events to point to who and who Yorubas will vote for. The social cultural group is not baba personal and estate and should be allowed for collective decision . Best of luck to all the candidates at the he election.

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2 hours ago

I’m Ijaw and not Igbo. I support Obi because as a revelationist I was shown the Tinubu/Shettima ticket with fire emoji before them unlike the other tickets. That’s irrespective of the fact that I like what Obi has been marshaling about the country’s problems and challenges and how he hopes to tackle them; and they are reasonable propositions. The other candidates are not forthcoming what they intend to do to move the country forward.

Tribal bigotries is the DNA 🧬 of you igbos. I am only😂 serving you out of your pot. 😂😂


2 hours ago

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I smiles at the comments of the igbos on this page. Tinubu never attack your candidate Peter Obi. You have this trait of always been lousy and aggressive towards people and issues. Democracy is not something you forced on people. It is by choice .

Vote for your candidate Peter Obi and Leave others with thier choice. It is the trademark ™️ of the OBi-dient servants and their candidate to always attack those who are not supporting you. You igbos should look not to cause disunity among us because of elections.

Elections will come and go and we would still live with one another as brothers and sisters. The animosity and hatred you igbos are showing towards Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his supporters is uncalled for. I think common sense should prevail on you people that the Yorubas have been a good host to your tribe from time in memorial. It will amount to ungratefulness for the igbos to start attacking Tinubu and his supporters on social media at every available opportunity. Best of luck to your candidate Peter Obi. Mind your business and leave other to thiers . It is called courtesy.

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you’re making concerted effort to turn this matter to Yoruba versus Igbo. The Bini or Ijaw supporting Obi must be corralled to your imagination to be Igbo! And you’re a nationalist and well intentioned?!

check well, you'll see many Yorubas supporting Baba Adebanjo in here. & it's only natural the supporters of Baba Adebanjo troop in to support him & attack the hypocrisy of Tinubu. Igbos support Tinubu too, so, why the tribalistic comment from him? It's democracy & a free world of choices by individuals.

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So , in other words , we shuu support you minister of agbado 🥔 , cassava 🥐 , corn 🌽 and GARRI 🍚 , BEANS 🥜 . 🙄 , you wen dey shake like W O R M 🐛 wen Dem POUR SALT 🤡.

BAT is still asleep, let's someone wake him up abeg. But they won't, all those parasite around himwon't tell him the truth for their personal self interest. Mr Adebanjo as been the only out spoken statesman from west who as been speaking for thousands of voiceless people in every part of the country . He knows when he sees a fit leader so don’t be mad if he ain’t riding with u

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Look at who is pointing 👉 his short fingers lol baba go and rest. you see all those telling you to go and rest are true friends.

Interesting remark from someone that has turned the whole of lagos state into his personal property. The earlier this man realises the fact that the politics of "gari, eba, agbado, ehuuehuu, etc" is fast becoming a thing of the past in Nigeria the better for him.

But if he had endorsed you tinubu he will not turn afenifere into his personal estate abi . When the tides dont go in their favour they begin talk nonsense. You that has turned lagos to your personal family business nd empire nko.

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I don't know why tinubu is forcing himself on Nigerians...people said they don't want you and imposing yourself by force ..smh

U will continue to cry, when individuals or organizations endorsed your candidate no one cry. A typical tribal saboteur u be. President of Nigeria must be a detribalized person.

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You are wasting ya time. The way we voted out PDP in 2015, e sweet una abi? We will do the same by voting Apc out this time too. Osinbajo knows the truth about Amoda because na him lawyer…. Gist correct…. Nothing last forever 🙌

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PDP actually won the election 🗳 in 2015, they just surrendered because a man with a heart choose peace over violent 🙌🙌 but this time around we have decided to be obedient and yusful

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Tinubu's strategy cannot happen in Nigeria... his campaign advisers have failed him.. in the process of being unique he is spoiling his chances... After seeing what happened with the recent administration he should try and stay different ..... The same way Tinubu has turn Nigeria presidency to his right, make it make sence. Same way you turned lagos to your family estate.t's really not about who's turn it is. THE COUNTRY is about to crumble. Only someone with no god father mentality can fix it.

What the Lord has shown me is that any presidential ticket can lead Nigeria peacefully except the Tinubu/Shettima ticket. Those who are planning to rig his ticket into power should be careful what they wish for.

I wonder what Tinubu' s camp would have said if Pa Adeabnjo had endorsed Tinubu,they would have hailed him as father of democracy, the old and youths know better,that's why VOTE PETER OBI for president.

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Because he didn’t support him😆😆😆😆that’s the reason why he was saying that…What about him that turned Lagos to his property?even he wanted to turn ASO to his family property…BAT is going to LULE…Don’t cry 😢 yet,wait till the announcement of PO as president before you can get heart attack.

Same way you turned Lagos into your own personal estate.So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander Epa. Isn't that the same way BAT go his endorsement through gboju-gboju way from the Pentecostal Church body and branded it the Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) endorsement? Stop crying and accept the fact that Afenifere is "detribalized" and leading the way in supporting the best candidate irrespective of tribe, religion or social class.😂😂😂

Imagine kettle calling pot black 😂 city grandfather 😂 I thought you also said Lagos belongs to you 🤦‍♂️ you turn Lagos to your bedroom 😂 alaye park well yeah papa adebanjo have endorsed someone whom everybody knew his source of income . We will never endorse someone who doesn’t have any income but calling bullion van 🚐 when ever he likes 😂😂

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 Why would he need a senatorial ticket from Tinubu when he can get the same from Rivers state if he wants..! How can someone in Lagos offer a sitting governor a senatorial seat in the state he governs? Please put that this rubbish. He only said that he refused to take a senatorial seat because there is a zone in rivers state in the same senatorial seat with him that has not gone for the first time. 

See how these buffoons do horse trading to their benefit without a hoot about the populace. Nigerians, WAKE up and root out these demons!!!!!!!!

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You wey turn Lagos to your personal estate nko? Now you wan turn Nigeria to your family estate. The progressives know the right party to move the country forward. The reality is coming closer to their eyes . But wait oooo its still not yet hot few days campaign will start then the real reality will become clear. aba no wan endorse kà kà😂😂😂 you that have turned a full state, Lagos into your own personal estate is accusing someone. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

Why this tinubu cannot just rest find something to do better still go and take care of his grandgrandchildren teach them yoruba culture with that he can be busy Nigeria is too big and problematic for him that's already sick.

Also, You really don't need to 🐝 ATIKU-lated to attract God's blessing , all you need do is just be a YUS-ful and OBI-dient servant and all ur TINUBU-lations will flee from you 🤔

Show me a man , who's FEARLESS n DOGGED n FULL of ZEST for the Good of all and who also is competent to a public office and I'll show you PETER OBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 🔥🔥🔥

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