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Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria
Methodist Church Ordains Nkechi Nwosu As First Female Bishop In Nigeria

This is good, but why is she the first in this age and time? Is it that more women aren't desiring to be bishops


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Very true. How can a woman be a Pastor to men? Even if women are ordained bishops, it should be for women, not the entire congregation of men and women. Men, you are not equal to women at all.

A woman was made from man, made for man, named by man, created after man, provided for by man, headed by a man. A woman will leave her father's house to her husband's house. A woman will drop her father's name for her husband's name.

The name woMAN, MAN has three out of the five letters, feMALE, MALE has four out of six letters. Men, our fathers were marrying multiple virgin women, and these women respected them, so why would you kneel to propose to a woman?

Why will you simp for women and worship women? Men made everything women use, even their pants and bras. Men created even the only fans and Instagram they use to sell their bodies. Men, even JESUS, had no female disciples and apostles. JESUS knows the female nature. Men, learn, learn learn.

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What kind of ment is this? See how they climbed the priest car. The Catholic Church is not a personal business that doesn’t have regulations, Fr Mbaka should feel free to step aside and open his church so these members can follow him there. This is absolute bollocks

Very pitiable that people now worship Human being than God. The followers of Fr Mbaka rejecting the order of Bishop who is superior to Fr Mbaka is not commendable and I pity African style of worship.

Fr Mbaka is answerable to Bishop Onaga and Onaga is not answerable to Fr Mbaka and that's leadership hierarchical modus operandi both in the Church and in the organization.

Fr Mbaka is the officiating Priest under the Umbrella of Catholic Church world wide and gives report to his Principal who is Bishop Chukwuma Onaga and his Prejudiced fellowers should be Sensitized and accept the decisions of Apex Enugu Catholic Church under the pioneer of Bishop Onaga, Thank you......if anybody is not happy the way bishop remove mbaka talkertive from adoration that person should go and hug electric transformer...I hate nonsense.. rubbish

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make them carry this bulletproof glass to meet Tinubu boys for Lagos agbero bus stops. Make we see if them no go change the slogan of you break it you take the money. Yeye dey smell

The Bishops Who Met APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Have Said They Were Not Committed To Endorsing Him.- Daily Trust


5 months ago

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Sowore is as disgusting as disgust itself. How did the sycophant determine the party and political leanings of those who took part in the attack?

Sowore's everyday schedule is to peddle lies against LP, which he does to, perhaps, draw the attention of Obi, who may not have heard of his name before.


5 months ago

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LOL everybody na human


5 months ago

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I keep saying it. I pity any APC agent that would stand in as present at any polling unit in this coming elections...

The way voters go take focus on the guy eh!! Any suspicious move from the person won't be as legit and sure!.... I swear the person go collect wotowoto generously....

All APC agents better behave ooo.


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Let's not forget that DMX once said "I sold my soul to the devil and the price was cheap.' There are countless videos on YouTube of people speaking about their experiences in the music industry and how it's extremely demonic, dark, and devilish. Jesus Christ said, "what profits a man who gains the whole world but loses their soul"? The small-minded will scream "conspiracy theory"


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The salary was ready does not mean he has paid; last Sunday was 7th, so he ought to have paid for July; saying July salary was ready means he hasn’t paid till August 7th; workers are to earn their salaries at least between 27th to 29th of each month.

The bishop did well; most Nigerians do not know what good governance is, so when you say it, it’s like rocket science to them.

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We all know this to be true. The Living Faith university system runs one of the most for-profit friendly private universities in Nigeria when compared to secular varsities of equal standing. There's nothing unusual about the price of Living faith schools. It's all about making Oyedepo more richer than other pastors. It's like a competition between them.

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