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Naija reality show in which contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize.

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Thank God for life👏 but we should be careful with the things we put on our cars 🙏 your car has Nigeria Navy, and I’m sure you’re not a soldier. The military advises people on that because soldiers are the main target in any attack!! ✌️


3 days ago

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 3 days ago

This country don tire me. So since dem no check am, na now wey dem evict am NBA dissociate. She probably didn’t go to law school. But studied law in a foreign country. Nigeria.


3 days ago

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And I dey pray to get money... carry escort 😔😔😔 country no safe....e be like say I leave this music thing.

Thank God for your safety bcos if human beings angrily did this to an innocent car I wonder what they would’ve done to you 😢


3 days ago

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This kidnapping or robbery has become a lucrative business in Nigeria for some ppl 💔

Hmmm... When will Nigeria get out of all this, na😢

Why do village people no gree leave this boy's life??🤨 thank God for life ooo

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 4 days ago

N100m? This is laughable 🤣🤣🤣 what's the prize money? It's not everyone that has braids as brains like you.


5 days ago

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 5 days ago

BBN is a platform. Once you are in the house, you already have the game for good business patronage. It’s not just about the money; it opens you to the world. What you do with that fame is up to you.

You all should keep that one to yourself; we’re interested in giving power to someone competent for our future and those coming behind us.

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 5 days ago

Let'slet's agree that he overstated the millions he claims he was offered. The truth is the whole BBN thing isn't fair when you look into it very well. Most of the people who become housemates are big boys and girls who are either born rich or became rich in either way, legitimately or otherwise. Most of them have second passports and foreign accents.

The struggling home-bred talented Nigerian youth seldom find their way to the house. Sometimes, the Organizers put a street guy or girl in the mix for drama and the likes. It is primarily man-know-man. It would not be competent to say Denrele doesn't carry weight in the industry. Denrele is a force in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and if he says people consult him to get into it, I'd believe him. Have you heard this guy speak about what happened in the past and what's happening in the industry?

The coded gist? The Inside information? This guy knows his onions and knows people. If he was offered a lot of money for a slot in the BBN house, then it's true. See, some people don't need the money. They want the fame BBN can give them, even if they spend a few weeks in the house. Fame is worth more than money. They see the money they're offering during the application stage as an investment. So I won't dismiss this!


5 days ago

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 5 days ago

I don't know how true it is, but if this is bob risky, I will say a lie. But this guy no too dey lie. Also, people who look at the price of money as the reason intelligent people go for the show miss the bigger picture. 50/100 m can easily be made back from two endorsements if you become famous. Now the show is losing, creating authentic influencers as past people have misused it, but when the show was still hot, this story may be true.

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 5 days ago

Life eh. Someone gave you a 100million NGN to be in BBN just to probably become the winner going home with less than a 100million NGN, and you refused in this handicapped country we're in now? I hope I am not missing the point here because it's aimless and profitless doing such a transaction.

Another meaning for BBNJ is hell fire. That program causes severe problems for a true believer. I know what happened to me after watching last season. I'm still asking God for a mercy date till I die. I will never watch that again.


5 days ago

Big Brother NaijaLast activity 5 days ago

If I have 50/100 million, what else will I be looking for in the bbnaija show? This faggot can lie. This talk about being influential and helping ppl get into the show is bad for the image of bbnaija organizers.

He was feeling important when you are not. He reminds me of this other Nigerian faggot abroad....the HIV patient. They do look alike both in appearance and ways.

Who is listening to this thing? If these people are offering you 100m, why are they in the show for less money? These guys can brag and exaggerate about things that are not true.

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