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5 days ago

NairaLast activity 4 days ago

I wonder how this shit-faced human can sit in a foreign land and be dishing out statements to people, and they’ll carry out the orders. They probably are in their tin-roofed shacks while he lives in a fully-functional society!!

Anyway, we love our oppressors. Same reason why after eight years of suffering, some urchins will still campaign for the party that put us in this mess.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 days ago

I thought they said elections will not hold in the east ?! Nonsense..😂

BiafraLast activity one month ago

Simon Ekpa is a Finnish politician who believes he can shut down an entire region in December's busiest time. He claims to be a spokesperson for IPOB. I'm not sure. I've seen people saying he isn't or he has gone rogue. It's not essential either way. People here have called him a terrorist, and it's not an exaggeration. The "sit-at-home" is enforced by violence. Here they set fires in the market and opened fire in public.

In fewer words, Ekpa is a terrorist who is in danger of being lynched if he returns to the East.

But seriously, this is funny. Imagine being tossed because you were being an attention whore online, and Google ratted you out.

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

Most breakaway regions will survive or at least learn from the mistake of Nigeria and create a new economy that will be sustainable. The Political Economy structure of Nigeria is an extractive tribal oligarchy built on the oppression of ethnic minorities and the export of a resource rapidly depreciating resources.

The biggest challenge facing Nigeria this century is the planet P.O.D. in 2019, and nobody even noticed. In 2019 we hit the point economists have theorized for years (Peak Oil Demand) in which every subsequent year will see a further decline in the damned for oil. In the long run, it drives prices off a cliff. It collapses the economies of states that have over-specialized in oil production, causing the most high-cost competitors first, then mid until ultimately, there are only a few places where oil extraction is possible.

An outstanding academic paper has worried OPEC for almost a quarter century. This is the thing that might push this country off. Couple that with climate change, a population boom, ethnic grievances, and grotesque wealth inequality, and Nigeria is a powder keg waiting for a light. A complex Jenga tower appears stable until it suddenly isn't.

I fear for the millions of my brethren. Who would suffer from the consequences of those who came before us? They are squandering our future in arrogance, greed, and tribalism.

We may weather this storm, but the Nigeria that'll survive the great crisis of the 21st century cannot be the Nigeria that has muddled along for the past six decades. We need severe reforms if what you imagine, a Nigeria that turns its fortunes around should happen.

And as of right now, I don't see any of that on the horizon. Well, muddle through like we always do until suddenly, everything breaks. I fear Nigeria will avoid the fate of Congo, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

But that's in our hands now, and no one else's

BiafraLast activity one month ago

He's responsible for the miseries of millions of businesses and families in Southeast Nigeria.

He champions himself as a freedom fighter for restoring Biafra in the region. He plans to achieve that with terrorism in Southeast Nigeria.

If there's a way to get him arrested in Finland, please help us with it. Thank you.

How's Finland tho and any relocation tips?

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

My issue with stuff like Biafra or Yoruba nation is that it is rooted in naivety. As if homogeneity will solve all our problems or the lack of uniformity is why the country is not working. To me, it is such a shortsighted point of view.


one month ago

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

Biafrans obeyed the sit-at-home order. The one Nigerians disobeyed and had themselves to blame. Nigerian flags are not in the East. We are not Endsars Youths. What we are doing is not child's play.

So if people think what we are doing is a joke. Whenever there is an order, they are welcome to try us.


2 months ago

BiafraLast activity 2 months ago

Can you imagine if this was happening in Yoruba land or if MC Oloumo was doing all these evils to innocent people? But Igbos do not give a damm about the devils and their demons. It is tinubu that is not killing us or even biting us that Igbos are after. Igbos hate Awolowo, They hate Oyedepo, and They abuse portable weekly. Any Yoruba that speaks for the Ipob supporter and pretender called Peter obi is a bastard. Tinubu is the next president of Nigeria. I am sure that Igbos will prefer to have a Fulani Atiku rule us than tinubu. Bcos Igbos are envious bastards. Igbos do not care for a Fulani to rule for 16 straight years. But it is tinubu that Igbos are masturbating on bcos Igbos are deeply envious, bitter bastards. Tinubu is the next president of Nigeria. I am happy the obidioTs and Labour Party are helping us to divide Atiku. And WIKE and the G5, and the Integrity Group are also helping us to bury Atiku.


2 months ago

BiafraLast activity 2 months ago


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Fool, say something else. Every time ewu Gambia, you and your fellow flathead biafrauds behave like ewu in dirty zoo east. Lol, Thieves! Shameless tribe of toxic envious self-destructive animals!

BiafraLast activity 3 months ago

Thor Nigeria that’s in debt already 😂😂😂 which country are we going to borrow from now to pay him 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

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