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I have lived with Igbo, Igbos, people who discovered Igbo in their DNA, and people who think they are Igbo or somehow related to Igbos. They all share one thing: superiority and a pioneer's attitude. 

This attitude is traced to why other Africans think Nigerians are outstanding black people and pioneers of Black energy or Fela Kuti calling Nigerian people to be Young African Pioneers or Suffering and Smiling. These were all because of the Igbo people of West Africa. 

I have come to agree that God embedded this solid African exuberance in the Igbo DNA, and most people will not agree that it is natural for Igbos to be Igbo. 

With her position as a university professor, It's natural for her to speak against Queen Eliza boldly. It is a natural phenomenon for Igbos to be Igbo.

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