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I wonder how this shit-faced human can sit in a foreign land and be dishing out statements to people, and they’ll carry out the orders. They probably are in their tin-roofed shacks while he lives in a fully-functional society!!

Anyway, we love our oppressors. Same reason why after eight years of suffering, some urchins will still campaign for the party that put us in this mess.

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They do. My bank offered me a credit card but I did not take them up on the offer. Don’t know if it makes sense for me to spend on credit and build debt.

Credit card system is very good and it discourages fraud. But those wicked entities in the corridors of power who love to see people suffer won't allow it to work. They don't want the common man to measure shoulder with them. They actually make more money when the common human suffers.

For example, with a credit facility anyone can get latest phone, car etc. In addition, we need to develop our social security system. But, due to mischievous ways of those in power, they won't allow it to work. If done properly the insecurity situation will be reduced more than 50%. Those in power know exactly what they are doing, they all travel out and see how things are done in other countries.

To me, its just pure African man wickedness and nonsense attitude. It pains me a lot that with all the wealth in the country, people can't just enjoy it fully but just a few numbers of privilege one's that are enjoying the goodies meant for everyone.

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