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A great citizen with the fear of God in him. He should be highly compensated though

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Great to see. I hope he gets some financial support as a result of his good deed though.

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You people that are complaining about coins in the bank, do you mean in outside countries you don't use coin, Wen I was in Ghana you always see coins and in stores we buy things with coin but today in Nigeria 20 naira is losing value


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Don't waste the time you should spend building your relationship with God on frivolities. Don't eat when you should be fasting. Don't sleep when you should be praying. Don't spend time on entertainment when you should be studying your Bible.

Heaven and hell are real! God is real! Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son & He loves us! He has made us joint heirs with Him, if only we truly confess and forsake our sins and accept Him truly as our Lord & Saviour. You have a choice to make, the time is ticking! 💜✝️

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😂😂😂😂😂 you'll need to go wt vehicle to carry #10k cos 1 pack of coin is #500 as d case may be 😂😂

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Why all dis..na cbn hand all dis drama day....dis attitude is wrong ..make una burn all d banks and expect to see ur money again..money go burn follow..una eyes go clear..many of u guys don't have an account o

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This is the only bank I have seen the manager do the necessary, other bank managers would never come out to explain things to you this way, that why customers keep getting frustrated and damaging this, this is why women administration in most cases are better than that of men's, which man get time to come dey explain all these long talk 🤌...😹💔 I commend her for coming to explain to the public so they understand and it also prevents them from causing harm to both the Staff and the Banking Building itself🤌


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Afonja. Na, their work for America is that. They are a very fraudulent-minded set of humans.

Asiwaju aprentence at work. Even his name olaniyi don, explain everything .seem them oladapo graduates.


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This is not about APC or Buhari, this is the results of bad goverment since 1999 when democracy took over, the leader a confuse trying to correct the wrong,..now turn wrong correct wrong.....there are some decisions you cannot make Al matter the condition....you can't shot a fly peach on your eye otherwise you blind the eye, rather Chase it way gradually.......they have shot the bird on our eyes and blind it......who to blame.....

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Abeg where our money Dey nah ? What kind of problem is this in this country

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