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During ENDSARS y’all didn’t show up, so now they will kee your husbands as they did to our youths in Nigeria 🇳🇬 so that y’all would know how it feels when people lost lives …

Y'all are one of the greatest #JOK3RS 🤡🤡🤡. BUHARI that used Nigeria's money 💰 to go purchase high tech security gadgets for his REAL BIRTH PLACE. Una never CHI CHOM CHIN. Keep on praying instead of protesting to make the government to sit up to its responsibilities. Mtchew


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Ndi ara,what happens to the wife’s of the innocent once already killed by bandit. Humm, una no want make dem kill una husband so una do prayers and fasting. Is okay, why una no add to una prayer request say make God no let una husband's dey kill innocent people too??

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It's a great move. But let them remember to tell their husbands to stop harassing innocent people on the roads. You go fast finish, still collect money to vote APC. If you like, don't vote for Peter Obi, na una go still face the bandit.

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They should pray; good step. But also vote Peter Obi in come 2023. May we enjoy the safety in our country. Amen 🙏


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You people should pray very well oo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 see their fine dresses.

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I must say this, if the anger I saw amongst the Hausas in the video persists, then trust me, Zamfara people will not come even a thousand miles close to any ticket with a Fulani on it in the 2023 elections.

I think the Hausa/Fulani marriage has gone sour and the two people who have co-existed for centuries are finally on each other’s neck tasting for blood.

When you realize that all these bandits got emboldened when Buhari got to power, you would realize why this country must be retrieved both from APC and from some blood tasty people, Fulani or others.

One of our Presidential candidate even had the audacity to choose a terrorist sympathizer as Running Mate.

Let’s retrieve Nigeria for Nigerians please.

Vote Peter Obi!


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I watched the documentary this morning, it's so disheartening, Hausa youths in tsafe Zamfara state went on a rampage attacking Fulani's in tsafe be it man, woman or child, in retaliation for the attacks by Fulani's.

They attacked one small Fulani girl and almost killed her.

One of the first Fulani bandit that laid down his arms had to pick up arms again because according to him, even after dropping arms, Hausas attacked his community again.

I love how BBC ended it by saying they showed and asked Nigerian military about the allegations and how government are hiding a lot of things from the masses but there was no response from the military.

Buying of Guns is like buying bread for the bandits


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Brief history

The Hausa's occupied the up north since as early as your mind can conjure. They always have their culture and customs, which include friendliness to strangers. Then, along the line, Usman Dan Fodio, a Fulani, showed up as a stranger to the hausas, and he was given a sheer hospitality and cordiality, especially for the shared similitude in customs, and credibility of the Hausa's. He would later settle, tentaculate, and go on to firm dynasty, including by waging wars against his hosts. He succeded. Amina of Zaria tried to help her people against the expanding suppression.

Over time, however, they has been cemented a union between the two formerly distinct tribes, after series intermarriages and inter. The Fulani's admit that they rightly have a home here and must continue their historical activities. The Hausa's do not deny this but they want to achieve happiness through basic rights (to live, farm, unintimidated, etc) once more, so their friendliness may start getting corroded.

According to the video.

The fulanis, who are naturally herders, claim they've been misaligned by the nation authorities. They no longer have herding root for their cattle. They formulated deadly bandit groups.

The Hausas, who are naturally farmers, claim they've been victimized - looted, maimed, kidnapped - by the Fulanis. They formulated vigilante groups for defense.

Who is to blame?

This points to leaders in their land for shunning education. Nowhere on earth, today, can register development without education.


2 months ago

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After watching this video last night, I don't even know what to say.

These guys are not happy with what they're doing but they can't help it...

If they were listened to maybe we won't be where we are now...

This was the same reason IPOB became a terror...

From the video I noticed obvious there was a time when they were facing several challenges as regards their cattle rearing business, since there's no appropriate channel to handle their issues, they resorted to fighting...

Let's call them to order... Trust me they will embrace ranching if we can tell them how it will benefit them the most...

The government should do something else this thing will consume all of us

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We just have this last chance to practice democracy or war will mar or destroy us if this oldies where given another Chance to destroy the already finished country.

Vote right, it wont be about economy again unlike Buhari era, it would be all about killings and war. We're going down to worst of Somalia in coming years if we can fight this war without arms at the polls. Abuja has been penetrated and major big politicians has collected breakfast already. So your breakfast might now be justified..

“Are you aware that terrorists abducted a Captain & 13 soldiers while responding to a distress call in an Abuja community yesterday?”


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