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During ENDSARS y’all didn’t show up, so now they will kee your husbands as they did to our youths in Nigeria 🇳🇬 so that y’all would know how it feels when people lost lives …

Y'all are one of the greatest #JOK3RS 🤡🤡🤡. BUHARI that used Nigeria's money 💰 to go purchase high tech security gadgets for his REAL BIRTH PLACE. Una never CHI CHOM CHIN. Keep on praying instead of protesting to make the government to sit up to its responsibilities. Mtchew


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After watching this video last night, I don't even know what to say.

These guys are not happy with what they're doing but they can't help it...

If they were listened to maybe we won't be where we are now...

This was the same reason IPOB became a terror...

From the video I noticed obvious there was a time when they were facing several challenges as regards their cattle rearing business, since there's no appropriate channel to handle their issues, they resorted to fighting...

Let's call them to order... Trust me they will embrace ranching if we can tell them how it will benefit them the most...

The government should do something else this thing will consume all of us

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Another simpleton. You cannot change the Fulani man's mind for a thousand years. You think the Fulani elite class do not know about ranching or can't use their Fulfulde language to persuade their kinsmen on ranching? If ranching is an approachable solution, why did their former sultan say that Nigeria is an inheritance for the Fulani's only and must be conquered? Honestly, some of you are so annoying, esp. southerners. You go to school but never learn to reason critically. Fulani's all from 16 Africans countries came to Abuja a few months ago? How would they access up to 16 countries and gain significant numbers if they stuck to ranching only? Did you read of the 1804 Jihad by the Fulani's on the Hausas by Dan Fodio? If you per chance, studied the history, did the Fulani's tell you ranching was their problem. We cannot afford this kind of backward thinking by some of you in our midst anymore cos your ignorance is putting all of us at risk. NONSENSE! undecided

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