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Look op...I dont know you but I am sure you will not dare do a job that will take you 35 years to save #100,000 in this economy.

I doubt if you know how much pure water for a bag cost now or what food prices are saying . When are you gonna settle down with this our Nigerian ladies that don't want to date poor guys with your daily wages of #5000 or less?

Right from when I was small,I have decided my faith and dream of no stress job like going to the office from AC to my car with AC but as soon as one graduated and start facing the reality in Nigeria,nobody will tell him to learn a digital skill and do freelancing or join a forex broker with 97% win rate .

Na ur type go see small legit hustler for street with a car and you will tag him yahoo boy. How old are you?

Have you forgotten we are in the 21st century when almost many skills are fading away with the advent of robot who do such works and other program applications?

How come you don't know digital skills like programming,graphic and design,digital marketing and a host lot of skills are taking over the conventional skills you used to know.

You had better change your mentality and meet this new generation young boys to show you the way.

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