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Peter Obi∘Last activity 3 months ago

Tiinubu says he is more intelligent than the rest of the contestants. If he wins the election, GOD FORBID, it will be his way or the highway. Wise-up Nigerians, take back your country!!!!

Fellow Nigerians, consistent failure is by choice. Buhari did not show up for any public engagement in 2015 and 2019 yet won, but the effect of that failure has been quite noticeable. We must put effort into sacking the ruling party, Amanda is replicating everything Buhari, and the result will destroy this Nation further. Neither did he show up or send a representative. He has also done everything possible to avoid every legitimate public gathering. "APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was also absent, and there was no representative for the ruling party."

Only the President presides on how the country is run, not the Vice President. The vice presidential candidate should not be on that podium.


3 months ago

Peter Obi∘Last activity 3 months ago

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A ZOOLOGICAL REPUBLIC WITH INCOMPETENT APC AND PDP? The Youth Are Not SERIOUS about their Future Yet... Look at your so-called presidential aspirant. It is your Future that these OLD CARGOS want to destroy. TINUBU and ATIKU have no business in leadership. Fantastically corrupt, has no idea of having, and is too old to run an office. If APC or PDP wins, Allah is praised because the zoo will COLLAPSE, which is the best outcome for any FORWARD THINKING person. The country is grinding to a halt. HYPER INFLATION is coming. The entire country will surely GET SENSE by HUNGER.

Video∘Last activity 4 months ago

We need the Twitter FBI crew to validate if this video is recent.

Video∘Last activity 4 months ago

What kind of embarrassment is this? Is it that Nigerian army are not well trained? Wetin be this?

Everything is just wrong with this govt

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