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I am not supposed to post this here, but I have made a severe observation. My brother/sisters from yoruba are always the first to shout tribalism. That Igbos this & that, but check the whole social media. They are always the first to call the Igbos, even when it's not necessary.

It's Yorubas constantly insulting, but ll still claim victims. There are no grudges, but take time n check what I am saying. You'll see it's the truth. It Gives me joy that most Igbos don't even bother to reply to those that do that, but few. That's a way to follow it. Ignore them....one loves all


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This might not be an ordinary kitchen, people might be slaughtered in that sink, and the remains will be pieced and flushed in the toilet. Things are happening. That's my thought.


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Anything pass duplex, I no dey stay unless it is just an overnight stay in a hotel. But as a permanent resident, hell No! I hope that is where Aisha Buhari lives


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Any man dating or married to a lady that destroy property when ever they have issues, will find it difficult to succeed in in life!

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Has he been arrested? N how wud someone move dos tins n pass without being noticed especially d tv? Na waooo. I thought NIN data help provide basic information about the user. So if the thief has a phone number and has the phone number the authorities should have any issue tracking him. We must fix Nigeria. This nonsense has to stop.

He should be made to pay triple of what he carted away with . Stop swindling people off their hard-earned monies .Such an unfair thing to do with Somebody’s hard earned money.

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How Do You Manage Energy Consumption At Home And Pay Less And Probably Save The World?

Since most people hardly stay home during d day na to dey comot Fuse nd when night reach u put it bak....

For like 8month also av disconnected my self from disco wrote a letter to them I don't want dere services anymore on my bill I have ₦350k+ as outstanding so I just add money carry am jejely go buy solar since I'm not an heavy user of electricity some bunch of people can't just b scamming me na only when I wan pump water or use washing machine I use something heavy which I av my way around dat....

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Just Sit down with them

Talk to them

And explain to them that the only way they can stay in your apartment is to pay rent monthly..,

if all the rats that are squatting and living inside our house start paying rent,

By now I for don buy land for lekki.

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