Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy — Ernest Hemingway

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My Question is simple if Baba Fela was still alive, who would have been his candidate? Bet me it not BAT nor Atiku

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The Americans are masters of using familiar-looking faces to push their state department and CIA propaganda. The subtle message they're making here is "the white man is bad, and China is equally as bad."

China didn't colonize us and never couped us or armed rebels or started a civil war on the continent. China has never attacked an African country as the oyimbos did to Libya and Somalia. China is giving us loans on far better terms and letting us decide what we build instead of lecturing us as the west does.

They see that China is giving us an alternative to western hegemony, and they don't like it. They want us to say no to the new railways, ports, and dams and never industrialize. We should keep exporting raw materials and cocoa and be poor forever like good little slaves.

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I’ve had this entire conversation with you. In your determination to run away from the white man, you'll apply lipstick on a pig, blind yourself to the “Peoples Republic “activities, and ignore that everyone is indeed out to take our shit.

Honestly, it’s sad seeing how so many Africans will prostitute themselves to any charlatan that offers them salvation, refusing to do the hard work necessary to reconstruct the African continent with the only process we know that’s actually worked and worked over and over again. Detente.

Instead, we’ll want to join the PRC in their losing Hegemonic challenge in the hopes that we’ll get to decide on the new order. The same delusional choice we made during the Cold War. But then again, the Cold War propaganda is thick on this continent amongst the so-called “liberation minded.”

If you know how china is stealing African resources, you'd realize they need to have us in their best interest. Both sides are bad for Africa. As Thomas sankara said, "he who feeds you controls you" We are still a slave to these people. Some of you don't know what Nigerians are going through from the foreigners on our soil, how they are shipping out resources, and mining Gold on a large scale in Osun state. Do your research, and you'd know westerners and Asians are not our friends.

Wonder how it's looking for the residents working for Chinese-owned companies.

We should be refining and building our stuff, not waiting for the Chinese to do anything.


2 days ago

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Nice video! My Godmother is from Sierra Leone and always told me that the Western perception of Africa is wrong. Even African Americans don't truly know because our heritage has been stripped and we have to actively pursue learning about African culture. This video shows that just like the states there are rural and non rural beautiful areas. We are not still in huts. My Godmother would say people in the modern world who still live in those communities choose to, but that does not represent the whole of the continent. Great share and hopefully educates!


2 days ago

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I have to make it my priority to visit! My maternal line is rooted in a Mende Woman. Proud beyoond measure. Thanks for the video and the point made.

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Yes, practice usual or slightly heightened caution, depending on the region. And do not go pretty close to the north for now, not necessarily because you're a woman but because it's generally dangerous for everyone. You should bring a giant sun hat and shades. If you want to go out at nighttime, I'd recommend sticking to Lagos or Abuja, as they're the most nighttime-friendly cities/states. If you are Igbo, I will recommend Owerri. Been there, and they have a solid social nightlife scene. I don't know about the other states; anyone can correct me.

Since you said "one day," I don't need to point out that it's not a good idea to come anytime between now and April (see: elections)

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6 days ago

Oh, ok, good to know! I was afraid the first answer would be no since the west paints a picture of Africa, in general, being poor and unsafe (Unless it's Egypt or maybe South Africa? 🙄) but then makes it seem only attractive when tribes are being documented for National Geographic or its wildlife.

But then, ever since I became interested in my heritage, and one day, someone told me not to believe everything the media tells me, I have a different outlook on Africa and that it's not all unsafe and poor.

Also, I hope to visit the regions where The Yoruba are since that's part of my heritage.

Yea, it's a common stereotype that Africa is poor and unsafe, there are poor and hazardous regions, but that's not ALL there is, and that's the mistake people make

EXACTLY, it's frustrating, but it's good to ask questions. Well, you're lucky because Lagos is solidly in the Yoruba region. They even opened a new Yoruba history museum/cultural center just last week (maybe coincidentally for you). Anyway, all the other Yoruba states are in the South and easily accessible from Lagos, so you shouldn't have a problem. I'm not Yoruba, and I don't know much about their landmarks, but I'd recommend you take time to visit Badagry, the Slave Museum, and the Point of no return (where enslaved people were boarded onto the ships).

Unfortunately, since you're mainly interested in Yoruba culture, you won't necessarily have a reason to visit Abuja or the eastern part of Nigeria. Maybe even Calabar. I am sure you will love it there, too, if you are curious about where the Caribbean culture originated from.

We look forward to having you!

You can also consider Portharcourt city a great place to be at too

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Pictures Of The Ancient Benin Kingdom Of West Africa
Pictures Of The Ancient Benin Kingdom Of West Africa
Pictures Of The Ancient Benin Kingdom Of West Africa
Pictures Of The Ancient Benin Kingdom Of West Africa

I'm reading the history of Nigerian architecture, and I'm currently reading about the Benin kingdom. It's nice to see elements I've only imagined from words in these pictures. Thank you for sharing. I would appreciate getting links to these images or other sources to learn more about ancient Benin.

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Pictures Of The Ancient Benin Kingdom Of West Africa

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I remember growing up in one of these around Ikotun Market. Maybe I'm just nostalgic, but it was fun because it was like a small community in the compound. We, the kids, would play football in the compound car park, and neighbors would hang out with each other whenever there was a birthday. Everyone came. It was pretty nice. Although when there was drama, there was no way around it 😅

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Pretty interesting that the old might soon become new.

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Interesting recap of the history, though there is no approach to how it could impact the planning or design of the future. God knows we need something better than these windowless watered-down adhesive and block buildings that fall at a rate of 500+ annually

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Which wealth all these tech companies Don create for Nigeria?

You no dey talk of Dangote group weh Don use cement create retail billionaires, dey talk of tech fraudsters whose only source of income is investors.

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I selected ikeja for its originality and easy access to the airport and it's like the center of the whole Lagos.

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