Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy — Ernest Hemingway

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Not necessarily my hometown but my tribe. It was founded by a prince, the son of a king from another tribe. When his father named him heir to the throne, the young prince became the target of his family’s wrath, and after running away, he gathered the fragmented villages of his mother's kin to form the empire it has become today.

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During the 16th-18th centuries, the Oyo Empire was in conflict with the Ijesha and other southern Yoruba states. As part of their desire to carve out and protect their territory, they sent some individuals to set up a colony near the state of Ife, Ede. So the people came in and built a village from the ground up.

Very interesting, but At least tell us the name of your tribe/ethnicity/village.


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Owerri was founded in the 14th century by their father, Ekwem Oha. His mother’s name was Arugo. He fled from Umuori Village, Uratta, in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State when his life was threatened by his younger brother Ndum. The threat to his life arose from the dispute over the sharing of the Funeral Cow slaughtered when their father Oha, the aristocrat and embodiment of royalty, died.

The first son (Opara in Igbo), Ekwem, was to provide the funeral cow as demanded by custom. He did not have the means to do so. He appealed to his younger brother Ndum popularly known as Ndumoha, to buy the cow, which he did. Ndum asked for the head, heart, and other parts of the cow that go to the first son in keeping with custom. His reason is that he Ndum, bought the funeral cow. Ekwem turned down his request, and a quarrel ensued. The elders (Oha Uratta) were invited to settle the dispute. They did so by allowing tradition to prevail.

Ekwem was entitled to the parts, as mentioned earlier, of the cow being the first son. Ndum did not take kindly to this and planned to kill Ekwem to get his way. The plot leaked, and Ekwem fled with his family in the dead of night to Egbu, a neighboring town (Community), taking with them some stores and domestic assistants. History has it that his sister was married at Egbu. His sister fearing that Ndum may look for him, asked him to continue his journey to an unknown and uninhabited land for safety and settle there permanently.

They set out during the night with the aid of owa (native torch), arrived at a hilltop now known as Ugwu Ekwema, and settled there. They heaved a sigh of relief, saying OWERELA IHE MARAYA AKA, meaning HE HAS TAKEN WHAT HIS RIGHT or what rightly belonged to him IS. He sounded the drum (as his sister told him) to indicate his location. His sister was happy to locate him and his family the following morning. She returned to Egbu after that.

The morning broke, and they took their first meal of old roast yam together in a typical communion fashion (not served) thanks to Almighty and merciful Father our Lord God for their safety. The thick forest in the area was infested with dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, and snakes like pythons, vipers, and cobras.

At least, this is the story I was told, and This was taken from here.


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My hometown was founded in the mid-1700s. Two wealthy warriors came from what is now Abia state to what is now Imo state to expand their slave trading business. They invaded a previously existing town, took it over, and set it up as a slave trading hub.

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The prince of a neighboring kingdom was born with only one testicle. Instead of killing him at birth (as was the usual practice), his father decided to have mercy and let him grow till he was an adult.

 Then drove him away. The prince eventually came upon what is now my village but was just a struggling settlement then. He was said to have slain a thousand hyraxes as he lived in the bush. His gifts of bushmeat helped the people survive, and the way was so grateful they built him a small house on the outskirts of town. 

He was still an outsider, so they hesitated to give him a good wife. Instead, they gave him a mabalaju (basically a woman who was undesirable and had gone past menopause). But Mbrum’s plot armor was so strong that his magical sex powers even got her pregnant, and when people saw this, they thought, “This guy is too powerful. Let’s make him king”. 

There was also a battle very soon after where despite having fewer troops and resources, he managed to trick the opposing army by using large drums so they would think a massive invading host was taking them. The result was a Mbrum victory and the current borders of our village.

So yeah, the village chiefdom has its origins in Mbrum, the one-balled testicular wonder.

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This should be a blockbuster nut buster film


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Now that you mention it, I’ve thought a lot about copying it, repackaging it and making a script for a short animation, but laziness will not allow me🤣

Wow, what an exciting anecdote! Thanks for sharing!

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We are still in 1920 o

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u will start seeing mumus talking about culture and traditions wen it comes to subduction of women but these sets of people want to use exotic cars and luxurious things from the western world

1920 Ba, but the queen was buried in her tradition Abi? We lost ourselves in been others.

why do we always bring the queen into every single matter. What about our kings that sold us to them. Blacks sold fellow blacks out to oyinbo for MONEY.

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I remember with nostalgia our days back then in the early 80s at Tafawa Balewa Housing Estate in Bauchi. How did we get here? Oh! Nigeria! God bless you and your generation for this wonderful work of art you just showed to the world and may your hand work make way for you, these are people with great and wonderful visions.

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2 days ago

I am sorry sir, your generation and those a bit above you, brought this upon us. But we can team up to rescue this nation. Unfortunately, in SW here, your generation is still the ones calling the youth all sorts is names. We need you on the team

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Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. We started having problems when we start hearing Fulani ....but everything will be fine. So when will the other ethnic groups be represented in photos like these? Are These 3 groups who are responsible for Nigeria’s sorry state since pre colonial era are the same people you portray as or for a new Nigeria?

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Apc is not interested in preaching unity their focus is on rigging elections and using power to oppress the citizens. During my NYSC in Yobe State, I used to eat from the same plate with my friend, Dauda, a muslin from Nasarawa state.

#obidientmovement greater structure

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Hausa man food is different,

Yoruba man food is different

and Igbo man food is different.

What are they eating exactly?

Round roasted yams and fried hot pepper oil.

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We should have one more person to stand for other ethnic nationalities, outside 'Wazobia'. That will be a more inclusive new Nigeria.

This is how our leaders feast together but they come outside to plant evil into the people's mind, cause they know if the people come out with one voice E DON BE for them. It's PO-ssible, where there is Love, there is blessing. We are not totally broken, all it takes is a sensible and compassionate Leader to bring us together. I believe in Obi..

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Reasons why it's hard for this country to be one: let's be sincere the amalgamation brought more problem... U can't bring different people of different languages, cultural beliefs...

Look at how United other countries are, let's all try and be united we are all from one country we should support eachother like every other country, sometimes I really weep when I see people hating on one tribe, it's not meant to be that way, let love lead

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The true reality we must all accept is this will never happen and it’s okay, there is a lot more to benefit from our diversity than our pretentious unity.

That’s all we want

I want a peaceful north cos when I served there I enjoyed the little time I spent there so I want another opportunity to spend some time there again

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