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If you go around PH busy areas, you will see young men frying snacks by the roadside, join them, learn their trade and lack of money will be a thing of the past. That is what l do for a living, and l am enjoying it. Later after work, I come online and read what young people are saying and join them in hoping for a better naija.

I used to work with an oil servicing company but the pay was not encouraging. When l was introduced to this business, l left the job, l am thanking God l did. On a bad month l pay myself at least 300k.

My ten pence.

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The World has gone Completely Digital and people who are opened to Learning Trending Opportunities and Acquiring The Right Digital Skills are Earning Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars working Remotely for International Companies and Clients abroad.

What are you doing wasting your time looking for ₦20,000 Naira Jobs Helter Skelter even when The Assumed Minimum wage should be ₦30,000 Naira ? Don't You Value Your Time ? Is it not precious to you ?

Wouldn't You prefer working Remotely and Digitally from Home earning yourself Passive Income? As an NYSC Graduate; Is A ₦20,000 to ₦30,000 Naira Job Deserving to You after all the Years used in studying in school ?

Well; the problem here is with your Orientation. You have built for yourself a wrong orientation of looking for Financially Enslaving Jobs and this is the reason you keep getting these sorts of offers.

The same places you visit for Jobs; you can as well position yourself as a Consultant to Provide Strategic Revenue Boost Partnership Solutions to them and Sign Up Contracts that will be earning you Hundreds of Thousands from Them without Visiting Their Office on a daily basis.

It is all about The Mentality and Orientation which You Build towards Life. Be A Solutions Provider. Not A Job Seeker.

Here is a Hint: Many Startups, Boutiques, Restaurants, Malls and Companies do not have websites for their Business yet. Many already do; but they need Social Media Managers to help them Effectively Promote their Brands...and Guess what ? They are ready to Pay Good Money to Social Media Experts who can easily promote their Businesses ONLINE especially Now That COVID-19 Lockdown has Opened The Eyes of Many of them to See and Understand The Importance of having a website and Social Media accounts ...

So, why are you here not thinking ahead as a graduate? Why not Follow The Wise Trends, Learn The Necessary Simple Digital Skills and Position yourself as A Digital Experts to Promote Offline Businesses ?

This way - nobody will be embarrassing you with 20,000 Naira Monthly salaries. Again; Become A Digital Solutions Provider, and Not A Job Seeker.

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Nigeria is becoming too unbearable for the common and hoping... This issue is really tiring and frustrating. You are either underpaid or no job at all.

If you have a good job, just wake up every morning to thank whatsoever you believe in.

The street is really hot... Things are damn rough and tough.


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We are in the same situation here bro. If better offer dey, you no go see me with chalk or marker bros 

There is no way I want to explain that you ll understand. I left nysc since and been job hunting with no luck coupled with societal rejection.

Even to learn a skill or certification, I need money.

Apart from feeding, to raise money I need a job. Out here good paying jobs are like a unicorn. I have no one to dash me money for certification or a roof over my head.

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Nigeria has failed its people, they told us get a degree, go to university, job will land on your laps. It has all turned out to be lies and all lies. Imagine if you were learning a skill all these time or doing business by now you would have known your level. The same people who will say you are an illiterate will turn around and beg you for money with their certificate. that's why people always say school na scam. If you decide to do yahoo will I dissuade you? Is well brother.


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Am I giving up? Feeling guilty about leaving a job is a totally normal reaction. It shows how much you care about the people impacted by your decisions, and how much you're invested. That's a strong reflection of your values

Male or female, what is your qualifications and which side of PH are you? You guys should know how to sell your service. When you bring up an issue like this, I think you are also saying, anyone that can help you get something better should do that but without certain information, how can such person see you for assessment through your post?

Now lets go back to your question, don't go back to your former company, instead accept any of the new offers with the same amount. By so doing you would have gain two experience. Aside that, if you are actually good on the job and your former company ask you to come back, you can bargain for a better offer but the reverse will be the case if you go back to them, they can even reduce your salary or intentionally delay it because they will have the feeling that they are your last hope

I Feel Remorse After Leaving My Previous Job. Should I Go Back To My Former Company?


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Like I advised someone a couple of days ago, learn how to ride Keke (it takes 2 to 3 days) and look for Keke to be riding for daily remittance. You'll remit ₦2.5k to ₦4k depending on location and grade of the Keke.

In good locations you can make extra 2k - 5k daily. Plus kèké is safer than bikes. Compared to most jobs, there is better income in transport business in good locations if you know how to ride/drive. Now that they are about to ban okada nationwide, Keke will become gold.


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@Mista Brown.

I am a teacher and a graduate. I work in a school that pays ₦18k.

It's rough out here but nobody go dash me that ₦18k

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Motivational speakers don damage yaa...

Anyway it's not late.

Wait a minute, by degree, you mean university degree?

A degree holder earning 20k as salary . Something is not cleared . Either the poster is lying or he doesn't want to reveal his real income


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@Mista Brown

Yes I'm a graduate, nysc all completed.

I worked at Rumuodomaya Area, I worked as a porter in my previous job......

I can also work as a receptionist, waiter, supervisor! if you have any job for me


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Better not to pay her any attention but it's ok to think of what she said if it bothers you.....would you like to change it or continue to roll within that circle? You are obviously a better person than her but disadvantaged. Better get your hands busier to ease your predicament. You will laugh last.

I used to be incredibly skinny and hated when people pointed it out. In fact, it got to a point that I was spending all my allowance on protein milkshakes and other foods to add weight. This might sound trivial but it was my biggest bother then and I took care of it. Again, if your state bothers you, take care of it while pretending that madam mockery is just giving you a feedback from her perceptive. Good luck darling....we need a e-hug emogen.

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