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2 days ago

Their office doesn't look isolated. Did you applied for a job, and you've been invited for an interview? Instead of researching the company before and after applying, you're here asking unnecessary questions. If you didn't apply I would consider it wise for asking.

I did a google search and found this. I don't know if that helps!

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

I Was Shortlisted For An Interview With Motion Yield LTD. Is This Real Or A Scam?

Be watchful.

Normal interview should have at least two days notice. One common thing with fake job interview is their short notice.

This looks like GNLD honestly. If you're in Lagos, you can attend just to be sure, if not, don't waste your money if they are asking for one.


21 days ago

Long story short. She has found someone she likes more than you. The whole you don't deserve her story is her trying to let you down easy, a girl who has cheated on you will still cheat on you. especially if you accept her back, what kind of guy accepts a woman bk after cheating? You guessed right "A low value guy" a guy without options and a guy without balls and self respect...You just proved to her that she didn't make a mistake by cheating on you...Women want emotionally strong men and you my friend are emotionally weak, and this weakness disgusts women.

I blame her for cheating ab initio.

I don't blame her for cheating after you took her bk.


21 days ago

Who takes 18-25years girls who are still undergraduates serious when it comes to relationships

This particular age bleep anything they see around school campus

This is 2022 the era of simping is over

When you disvrigin her it was just your turn on the pussy it was never meant to be yours forever.

Lmao, Her Pussy can't withstand the doings of owerri bitcoin Boys and Sugar Daddies

With all the Red Pill Knowledge on here, you suppose dun know say long distance relationship na Error, Beta find a babe close to you and stop deceiving your self.

Dump the LovePeddler and move ahead

I thought you guys said deflowering a girl makes her loyal

U no get problem as at now

Na when she go NYSC u go get problem


21 days ago

see this poor excuse of a man!!!

she cheated, you forgave her... she now tells you she cant stop wanting to be fukced anyhow, and here you are still talking arrant nonsense about marriage to this disrespectful olosho!

someone should Eslap this simp for me!!!


21 days ago

Damnnn niggar

She said she can't withstand the temptation of guys in her school

It is over my niggar...

If you are smart enough keep on banging her with no emotions attached

Because this her whoring phase is going to be longer than we thought ... normally, it starts from 18 to 26...but this your girlfriend own will extend to 32 years

How we sure you are the one that break the hymen..

Make we just tell you the truth...if you still feel like to manage her....then what about nysc time.. how you want take cope? You know the kind fertile rod with vain way go dey enter your babe for nysc

Data analysis.

It's crazy how many companies are looking for data analyst.

Last week I was doing networking and installation job for a new company office. And I heard the MD talking about needing a data analyst.

I quickly told her I know someone who is good at it. She said ok the person should come and see her,

I went home and told my landlord daughter that I know is in that line that I will help her get a job. As they said the rest is history.

The company is starting full time next month

You can't build a house with ₦7m in this economy. Get UK admission and leave. This is not a hard decision to make. Save good money abroad and you can come back to build your dream house.

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