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The slave masters don put mouth! No be sat dem love you ooo, na to maintain their domineering mechanisms on our destinies...... we still have a long way to go!

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No be by slave masters. We are our own problems. Imagine a senatorial candidate of LP was assassinated yesterday, another senator from Apc in portharcourt inciting violence was caught on camera today.., do you think if war erupts today, Ghana, Cotonou or other part of Africa can accommodate us all? My dear, they have to be involved oh. UN no go get our power if war happen today. Ukraine, Turkey and likes of other part of the world are experiencing natural disasters and war already Our load will be too much for them to carry as the most populated country in Africa. They need to spread peace ✌️as awareness because e no go funny if anything happens.

your own slave masters not everyone else's. You are still in that slave mindset for how many centuries now

This opinion is unsolicited, but with respect to what you said, i disagree with you " he still have slave mindset"... It is not a slave mindset, but rather his instinct to pick peace over war, and if i dear to say it "we all are slave in this very owned country" been colonized by the desire for positive, permanent change ... A change that last. To affirm this you your self will accept any visa to a country with any less lamentations.. in truth aside our military, their is No better way to deescalate trouble, war, riot, crime in this country, and even the military she self is maltreated... So let say war breaks out and the military see a chance to take laws into hand how much peace can br preached then, and who will be willing to listen.. the truth is Nigeria is hanging on a thin tread in all ramifications. So, the concept of peace is preferred because the latter is waiting to happen and when it does.. most countries will not only close their borders,they would denier visas that most of you believe in, left yo stay in a country with little or no food supplies, under motivated armed forces, degenerates thugs, god fathers' who are seeking opportunity to claim power, blood money mongers, seeking to renew power or wealth, legal factions of the economy waiting for the slightest chaos to carry out illegal act in the name of said riot, the list is long, end sars, covid palaitives where just flower for the cake, the real icing is yet to come and only God knows when... To judge resent confidence to said citizens to attack and burn institution like police station, barracks, banks, car park, train stations etc.. is to tell us that we aren't scare of any person.. all we need is the right chaos for us to act on...

Like said this was unsolicited, i just want us yo know it is not a slave mindset but rather an instinct to pick survival at the expense of chaos..

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Buhari, You single-handedly caused all these untold hardships and the collapse of Nigeria's economy worse than in 2015. Because you knew pretty well then that you didn't have upstairs what it takes to make a country better than you met it, but you went ahead to impose yourself on Nigerians, and this big mess Nigeria is in right now is your overall score after eight years, SHAME ON YOU.

Because there's no accountability Tinubu is by the side boating that he would start where Buhari stopped, madness in every side courtesy of failed APC, a Bunch of retards with no good intentions for Nigerians from day one but full demons and self-centered blood suckers and cameleons.


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So now you know! After chanting change over eight years.

Is this bastard just waking up from his slumber?

Mr. President, you need to be corrected. You have been assuring us since you assume office. Is it at this 9th hour you want to tell the truth?

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