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Some N!gerians youths don't love 9ja, they just hate APC. If they truly loved 9ja, they would have never supported Nnamdi Kanu & neither would they be rooting for a dancing governor, over a working governor... Most N!gerians don't vote based on love & patriotism, they vote based on hatred, which is why the country has failed to move forward for over 63yrs.

Adeleke has nothing to offer but the youths like him because he's not an APC member... 90% of Adeleke's supporters are Igbos who have never ever been to Osun state!!! The igbos have a reputation for minding other people's business, while they all are forced to quietly sit at home every Monday in their villages.

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I can see you don't have a single senses. Why mention Igbo people. What is Igbo people business with a man that is happy for him life. You need to check yourself before commenting on platform like this mumu

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I love this man happiness is free you can't buy it with money😍😍


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Adeleke Rejects Tribunal Verdict; Vows To Appeal Sack.

What ? where is the proof? How is the evidence gathered tribunal is trying to rubbish INEC's integrity? Because as far as I am concerned, Adeleke did not declare himself a winner, nor was he an official of INEC on election day. Where did Oyetola get his proof from? How come this contradicted INEC information?

Who are the offenders of the such bridge of electronic process? The judge should understand that this is a severe offense and that all offenders must be punished. So if no offender, then the proof is baseless. The Court should require all of the necessary information before passing judgment. This information would help restore sincerity in the country's electorate because one such offense can not be committed without an offender of electoral criminal.

This is a severe case and not the type that should be considered based on the theoretical statement. So the judge should please do the needful and not allow anyone to come to him with theory proof, mainly in a case where someone is involved.

This evidence is not concrete appeal court should throw this away and help the country by asking anyone who comes forward to him with substantial evidence. Where an offender needs to be presented, such as him or she should be presented being a computer science student. The computer can not manipulate itself unless someone does. So there is a need for punishment of the person and a scapegoating for other offenders because if over-voting happens, how did this happen, and who made this happen?


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Domestic Violence: I Have Been Receiving Death Threats- Sina Rambo's Wife, Heidi Korth, Says Days After Calling Him Out On IG.

When you marry a German dog put at home, this is what you get from it. I believe that girl must be sharing her pussy with the Highest builder

Some women are very toxic. Marriage hard ohhh


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Domestic Violence: I Have Been Receiving Death Threats- Sina Rambo's Wife, Heidi Korth, Says Days After Calling Him Out On IG.

Too many irresponsible women today. See how she said my kids and not our kids. These women are just wayward and reckless.

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"Na married women dey cheat pass now for Lekki" - Nedu

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