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State Of The Nation Nigeria: We Are A Country Of Spineless Talkers- Actor Freddie Leonard

Every information needed to set the ball rolling is set waiting for the real men, the legend of a seeker of the truth of who they genuinely are that arises in time of trouble and triggers the right action towards securing their destines to see God manifest himself in Nigeria through the same Igbo's Nigerian marginalize.

In my vision, while I was praying with my catholic altar many years back, I saw the spirit of stardom in the face of UTI Nwachukwu. It appeared before me after looking at me and stepping away, but I kept saying things pointing at the heart. It suddenly hit back at me with speed, and I got scared and ran away and woke up.

The trouble with Nigeria is not leadership but a wrong spiritual foundation in religion, resulting in visionless leaders. Our leaders will only have a vision of solving Nigeria's problem once this spiritual foundation is corrected.

They get the position but cannot function because of the spiritual issue in the country's foundation in religion.

There is something God planted, infused, and set on autopilot to happen in religion in this country that humans are resisting, doubting, contending God, testing every spirit to destroy from manifesting. So until we track down that hidden information in religion in Nigeria, Nigeria is doomed to the punishment of God in another 8years round of Apc government.

The Gods cannot help a man who cannot help themselves acting in the right direction towards the religious issue and see the hand of God manifest in Because all the information is ready to set to happen, only waiting for real men legend of the seekers of the truth about their destinies to trigger crazy actions to make things begin to happen manifest in the country.

Peter Obi has a good vision, but if he doesn't deal with religious issues confronting and attacking the country from the foundation, he can't deal with insecurity issues and agitation, kidnapping, and killing; hence his good vision will amount to nothing.

Igbo are marginalized because they are attacked from their very foundation religion.

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All of you supporting ds post ori yin ti buuru ๐Ÿ™„. So actors and actress should leave their professions? Bcus A Religious man feels the scenes they take in movies arenโ€™t necessary. Who will pay their bills? ๐Ÿ™„ ds whole write up,on top Wettin? ๐Ÿ™„ what is all ds sef? I respect this man a lot but recently his posts are beginning to sound/look somehow to me. That is why oyinbos are making progress than Africans. We attach everything to religion. Some even limit themselves bcus of religion.

An actor/actress can take a role,get their money and it ends there. It doesnโ€™t mean the role they acted defines them. We watch all ds American movies and they even do worse. Why is nobody preaching to them? ๐Ÿ™„. Make daddy preach to p0rnstars. Wahala don day too much abeg.

This same religious people will say hairdressers wonโ€™t make Heaven bcus they use attachment for people, naso iya ola lock her saloon begin suff3r to even feed her kids and herself. Una go day attach religion to everything. Mtcheew.

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Sometimes I wonder if God is also aware that they are acting, like God knows what acting means. Una dey try sha

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Unless he is lying and there is no gay entertainer anywhere, he is a very foolish and unreasonable man. Of course, the gay person that propositioned him will now be worried that people will be badgering Kunle for the information, and Kunle might tell one or two people. And we all know that a secret is no longer a secret if more than one person knows. Next thing now, the gay entertainer will start to imagine ways to kill this loose mouth of a man before his secret floods the blogs or gistlover decides to dial his number


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Na so ooh. Thats was how one woman asked me to spend a night with her so that she will buy property from me and also make me a big girl in Abuja... A condition man never give me before since my journey as a sales person, e come be person grandmother.

She work in a big cooperate firm, a big woman, a boss, and a wife..na only God go safe us.. The problem is not even them asking you out, its them trying to conceive you that you are not really straight as you said. dear Lesbian this una attitude is very irritating....i told this woman that iam straight, she started laughing at me, she to me, thats how everyone says that are straight untill they have a taste of it....its so groose, According to her, she said, i will make you a big girl, you will live the life of your dream as an Angel you are๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข A woman that is old enough to be my mother.. I will never forget this incidence till i dei.

This woman have toasting lines like men,..she will tell my how my voice is Angelical, how my bum bum take set..that๐Ÿ˜ญ How she loves me and dream a night with me.
honestly that very moment, I was actually thinking that rapture has taken place and we are in hell, because there is no way this could happen in the same world that I was raised....but sadly, its a reality in the world today.
An event to remember in my life

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thatโ€™s not the real papa ajasco ,this one that died was substitute for papa ajasco in few episodes ๐Ÿ˜‚thatโ€™s why the person said one time stands for the papa ajasco role ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚but una no deh read well , this is the real papa ajasco biography and name and he is still alive , Abiodun AyoyinkaListen (1960) is a Nigerian comic actor and is also known as Papa Ajasco

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May the soul of Mr Femi Ogunrombi rest in peace. Even though he replaced the original actor of Papa Ajasco for a while, he played the role well, though in a different style. My deep condolences to his family. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ™


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Some of us are just ridiculous. Forget May matter and address the issue that most of us are ignoring. This Yul, whom many of us are supporting and thinking that his head is correct, we still cannot see that HE WAS FCKING ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE UNDER THE MAN'S ROOF FOR YEARS until Judy left her husband for him!

Even one or more of that Obasi's kids might not belong to Obasi but Yul or some other man. Omo, Judy could have been your wife or mine! Imagine one man secretly fcking your wife for many years, impregnating her, and making her do several abortions. When she said she was not doing abortion for him again, was forced to marry her after certifying through a DNA test that the pregnancy was your own? Not only that, he makes your wife take your two children (maybe not yours self) away from you too. And now Yul is trying to use polygamy to white-wash fcking another man's wife right under his nose for years? So you will praise the man who does that to your wife or girlfriend, fcking her right under your nose for several years while you labor to provide for the jobless woman because Judy brought nothing to her marriage to Obasi.

She was all this woman that man marries and pays for even her pant because she nor get shishi. Obasi was even paying for her WAEC and university, which she failed woefully. So you all will like to be Obasi one day? And we all are here praising the same wicked man for his marriage to confirmed wicked olosho wey dey fck another man for her marital home?

Some of us need to have our heads checked. As for May, you cannot force polygamy on anybody. Too many cheap women like Judy will jump at being 5th wife, so anybody who wants a harem can find such women. It is a choice, and May has opted for divorce. But to pat Yul on the back for fcking another man's wife for six years under his roof, well, to all of you praising Yul for his actions, I wish you the same in 2023


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Actor Ugezu Explains Why Many Are Single And Will Remain Single In The Coming Year.

That's one problem with this omata people in Igbo land.. implementing barbaric cultures that put people in perpetual bondage especially women for their own selfish interest..This era is not that old era ogbuefi ugezu..go & sleep ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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Actor Ugezu Explains Why Many Are Single And Will Remain Single In The Coming Year.

God knows I canโ€™t settle for less, I have not seen the kind of man am looking for, Make una carry una marriage and relationship go front, am doing just fine being single and staying without no boyfriend

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