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Most People Think Sexual Abuse Or Abuse Is The Only Significant Factor That Ends Marriages. From The Desk Of Filmmaker, Austin Faani

Remember one time a lady said this same shit to me " .. this is who I am , take it or leave it coz I ain't changing for no man " ..... Tried as much as I could to calm my disgust ,and then I told her why do people like her try to get with people who don't think like them ,why don't ya'll just roll with people with Ur kinda mindset ?

I mean you tell him this is who u are and u can't change for nobody and he also says this is who he is and he also can't change for nobody .... It'll be a perfect match. Baby geh just carried her back and walked away .

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Most People Think Sexual Abuse Or Abuse Is The Only Significant Factor That Ends Marriages. From The Desk Of Filmmaker, Austin Faani

Nothing like zodiac sign, once upon a time your parents had sex and gave birth to you , scorpion or or ata rodo na you sabi


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If you have conscience you would know the good and bad ....I learnt masturbation quite early on .... practiced lesbianism with some friends when I was age 10 there about...I had two kid brothers and they were 5 years old, one time I fancied touching my kid brothers dick to masturbate and I did it but after doing that I realized that was wrong and no matter how much of the foolish urge I never tried it again cos I knew it was wrong...now the lesbian part I didn't even know what I was doing cos we were just female kids playing with each other I still wonder why I never turned out to be a lesbian but I knew it was wrong and I stopped after doing it twice at that age and never tried it as a grown up ......now fast forward to me at 13 I was molested by my uncle he would ask me to use bodycream on his dick every night and he would touch and finger my vagina ..I was still a virgin he would finger me everynight he never penetrated but he did with his fingers and even when I turned 16 and had sex there was no blood cos of all his nih

He never allowed any male close to me he would offer me money for my silence,he would buy me gifts and give me money so he could continue....the fingering was painful cos I was a virgin then I hated it so eventually I ran away from home started living on the streets away from my molester but guess what all that abuse turned me into.....

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We all have our stories ,I wish some of us can come out like this. May God heal every souls that have been through emotional trauma from molestation and all . We gonna heal one way or the other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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You aren’t even there to care for them… and the last video you did dropping off the kids with your sister Nancy obviously landed you in this trouble.. see how excited you daughter was seeing the dad that alone speaks heavy..

my sister just pray because if the guy truly wants to take them away he can most especially if you daughter chooses his dad over you case is closed…before California police or judges will agree with his decisions there’s a lot of evidence already of in capability on your side.. so if you think this naked dance you do on Instagram will gain you victory better go look for a qualified lawyer with thousands of dollars 💵 to pull you through… you Sis has no right to say he will snap the father of your children that video alone landed you into this mess… internet never forgets mind you

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Well said

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Fight your battles sometimes behind closed doors. Not everyone here online wishes you well. Almost everyone knows your personal business online now. These peeps don’t really care. I’m not saying it’s totally bad to coming online to vent. But my dear try limit am

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Human beings are very experimental and Would want to try out different things, especially the ones they see "danger" boldly written on, because how do you explain the fact that on a pack of cigarettes, it's boldly written "smokers are liable to d!e young" and one person will smoke one carton in a week like "trailer exhaust when don spoil". Please come and buy healthy fruity zobo to repair your liver that you are already damaging.😂

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Alot of people are going through alot and till you find yourself in those shoes you might not understand what such situation feels and looks like. Nobody should make one going through addiction or some kind of drug abuse feel judged rather these people needs all the support and prayers they could get and reaching out to such person and simply checking on them and giving them companion or words of encouragement can be life changing.

Pray never to put in certain situation by fate or life and may God continue to protect and safeguard us with His direction and presence from all vices and against all evil. Its well

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There is nothing we can do about it. These Arabs are now super powerful. They can shut the world down just with a little of their policies, so the west thread carefully. We need to focus on Nigeria and Africa and create our power so that our youths will not continue to migrate to these countries to be enslaved in pain, sorrow, and poverty. Fela Kuti once tried to liberate us, but we no listen. Suffering, smiling, complaining, and do nothing. yeye dey smell.

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Slavery. This article cleverly used a word to trigger a state of disgust and shock in the readers. But if we think about it carefully, aren't we already enslaved?

Slaves to our leaders who continuously rape our collective wealth and watch us die in droves?

Slaves to countries who we are indebted and, in return, now dictate our economic policies?

Slaves to our religious leaders who use the holy book as a lethal weapon to plunder and desecrate our mental prowess and collective love for humanity. In deference to their flawed mortal understanding of the needs of an Almighty God.

I might stray from the article, but this world is filled with horrors, and the moment we understand that none of us is free, the faster we are to redemption.

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