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Omo this is loud, am kind of skeptical. the story is fishy, but as partially happy if it's true but a shame on Nigeria part our top shot senator. I know the story will still go far because the senators will always want to protect their own

This story if true just goes to show you how these greedy politicians think, selfish ,always about them .why did he or wife not offer their organ or look for a family member .The host of heaven will keep exposing you all that hv plunge this nation into perpetual darkness .God has so blessed this country with every natural resource to make us great out there. See now another bad name for Nigeria

This is pathetically shameful and exposes the extent the criminal Nigerian political class could go to exploit the masses to the benefit of their families. The poor boy was kidnapped from the streets of Lagos and ferried to London where his kidneys would be harvested to salvage the live of their spoilt brat drug and alcohol addict daughter! The God of the poor has arrested them, and trust the British system, they're jail bound!

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