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Because igbo started The couping thing

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Even before the 1966 coup, the military leaders imprisoned Awolowo. And the coup plotters intended to release Awolowo and give him the seat. This could mean that the same Awolowo was behind the coup from prison. Remember that the same Igbo men in Aguiyi Ironsi and Ojukwu stopped the coup from succeeding.

Awolowo acted solely by himself on whatever he was chasing at the time. But the subject matter here involves over seven or more Igbo men as key conspirators and orchestrators of one of Nigeria's most incredible dark days.

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See this clown revising history. Azikwe, Okpara, Osadebey, and Ironsi (yeebos) were supposed to die in the coup, but they miraculously escaped. The good news is that your cowardly ancestors more than paid for their stupidity.

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