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His playing on ur heads with the religious card. He is supporting Atiku. He sees nothing bad in anoda Fulani muslim replacing anoda one after 8years. But a southern Muslim coming in. Anything south is good for me. Be it traditionalist. I don't care.

This man has collected money from Atiku, hatchets Job. Are you a true Christians and did you demonstrated that when you was in power. EFCC will soon visit you . Condemning APC don't suppose to come from you though I'm 100% Obidient.

The APC has done nothing made the lives of Nigerians miserable, but some people are still believing that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the man to liberate the country; Same person who championed the APC & will likely continue from where Buhari stops? How gullible can some of u be? Tueh.

Youths are campaigning for Asiwaju Tinubu with a smiling face, but these are the same youths that are struggl!ng to make ends meet, & echoed "Soro Soke" some months back while calling out the APC govt; Now they're joyfully celebrating Tinubu's candidacy. We have a big problem.

It a shame! I watched one of this useless muslim cleric saying the christians in the north are infidel and should never be considered, in a so call one Nigeria that why they would rather have their daughters dead than marrying a Christian

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