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But we have 17 Governors in the Southern part of Nigeria and all of them are Christians and some of them with a Christian deputy is that not Demonic??, which mean No MUSLIM Governor in the whole Southern Region of the Country, where is Mr. Babachir Lawal to speak for Southern Muslims ??? But the truth is that this Mr. Babachir Lawal was one of those that recommended Kasim Shetima as one of the running mate for BAT??

Why didn’t he raise alarm and speak again it before confined by BAT, Nigerian politicians always like to ride on the emotion of the people to fight their own W@r for them. Why the noise when we have many other presidential candidates like Atiku, Obi, Sowore and others, abeg stop all the noise and go for any candidate you believe in. God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬.

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You’ve spoken well. Bearing in mind how religious sensitive Nigerians are, the ruling parties should have done better for balance and equity


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yes, which is why we have other candidates, if anyone is not representing our interests, we are free to choose another one, no need to set the country on fire. Nigeria politicians are desperate ALL OF THEM.

are those states Muslim dominated? How many northern states have a Christian governor?

That’s not the case here! This is a federal case and Muslim Muslims or Christian Christian should never be encouraged.


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then where is the main development that reaches the happen, at the federal or state level??? Meanwhile in the north at least there are at least 2 Governors that are Christians, Also we have a Pastor as the VP right now, what impact has he made rather than sharing money to market men and women??? We need to think beyond religion in order to progress in Nigeria. No country on earth with religious sentiments ever progresses.

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