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Lagosians, you don't have Unknown Gunmen(UGM) that kidnap and kill people at radom. Don't allow people that celebrate or keep mute on the activities of UGM in their region to influence your vote against Sanwo Olu because of Agberos that neither kidnap nor kill you at will.

Lagos is working and remains relatively the most peaceful state in terms of incident vs population density ratio in Nigeria. The angry youths(Endsarz) wing of ObiDENTs have a just case to be aggrieved, I must admit. LAG state Govt didnt manage the Endsarz issue properly. Pls our youth let's not sacrifice performance on the alter of revenge satisfaction.
If they say that they want to end God-fatherism (power bloc) which is every where in the world, ask them, the Abia or Anambra state that has no God-fatherism, what is happening there? Do not sacrifice consistent performance on the alter of stoping God fatherism. Don't allow Lagos to be "Abianised" where the IPOB guys give less scrutiny to. Our justified Endsars youths , don't allow yourself to be used as a pawn by the IPOB/UGM supporters wing of ObiDENTs. They have ulterior motives for Lagos.

Agberoes, regrettably as they are, are mostly product of unemployment. They are in all states of Nigeria, don't be deceive. But the UGM followers will never show the Agberoes in their region. Do your research, go to East or ask a Liberal/delivered UGM follower , you will praise me.
Please, do not sacrifice consistent performance for an IPOB protege, someone that tag Yorubas in a downgrading way as "Afonja", "yoruba behaviour". Our youths, do not allow yourself to be used as PAWN in the hands of IPOB/UGM. Don't be "WOKE" amidst your "UNWOKE" & "HOSTILE" neighbours which will not allow same "WOKENESS" in their region.

With regards to the Agbero issue, unfortunately, pending a permanent solution, we better have Agberos than importation of UGM from the East or Banditary from the North. .Pls, vote Sanwo Olu! Adeshina(2023)

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Igbo men are succeeding everywhere in the world,if there was a seaport in the east,Igbo land would have been better than so many countries in the's not a competition,you people talk about ugm when the whole body parts harvesters in the whole Nigeria are yoruba' I said igbo's are successful,you people should stop being jealous and ask them to teach you how to make can't eat your cake and have it.

that place you wrote this and always go there and copy and paste it , you better go and delete this rubbish cus I can’t even read to the end , so all the people who have been robbed, raped and killed in Lagos are what ? You better get your facts right

lmao who told you? A while ago some kidnap syndicates were apprehended on the Island. Be talking like Lagos is the safest place mtchew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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